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Manas: A New Home for Rhinos

Two wild rhinos have been released in Manas National Park on Tuesday 

They were captured and then translocated from Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 

They are one male and one female adult rhinos

This process of translocation is from wild to wild straightly

With them, altogether 22 rhinos so far translocated to Manas under the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 

Under this program since 2008, 20 rhinos have been already translocated to Manas 

The IRV2020 designed by Rhino Task Force in 2005 aims to attain a rhino population of 3000 spread over seven of the protected areas by 2020

Recently, three rhino calves rescued in 2019 floods in Kaziranga were released in the dedicated boma under Manas 

With the duo getting a new home

Manas’s Rhino count jumps to 49

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