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Buffalo Fights in Assam

In Assam, several bullfights were organized despite a Supreme Court ban on such events


The fight, popularly known as "moh juj", are usually organised as part of the harvest festival, Magh Bihu in the state


In Morigaon district’s Boidya Bori area, 48 pairs of buffalos participated in the event


With thousands in attendance, the fight continued from noon till dusk.  


Prior to the ban imposed by the Supreme Court in 2014, bullfights were one of the prime attractions of the Magh Bihu festivities


The celebrations now a day have gone low key due to the restrictions.


There were reports of buffalo fights being organized at Ahatguri in the Morigaon district too.


Earlier, though they're used to be organising committees for the events, with SC ruling, villagers now a day organize such events by their own

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