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Wildfire in Northeast’s Dzukou Valley

Firefighting continued in the northeast’s pristine Dzukou Valley for one week. A massive wildfire broke out in the valley on December 29. The source of the fire is yet to be known. Dry grass and strong winds fanned the flames

Dzukou valley is a popular trekking spot known for its seasonal flowers. It’s located atop 2452-meter along the borders of Manipur and Nagaland.

Indian Air Force choppers have been deployed and continuing their Bambi Bucket operation. At least 56 sorties were done till Monday evening and some 75000 litres of water were dropped. NDRF personnel were also airlifted and working on the ground. Already the fire has ravaged over 10 kilometers of Dzukou valley

The wildfire has left the valley in danger and impacted its biodiversity severely


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